Hi everybody, I’m Nikita aka Pootiee (a pet name I was horribly embarrassed of for a long time and maybe still should be). I’m a nerdy ambivert who loves reading (fiction, please!), writing, dancing, watching TV series and movies and oh, I’m a proud Potterhead! Contact me if you would like to know more about the strange creature that is moi and talk about random shi…*ahem* stuff. [Copied straight up from my profile, because of, you know, blogger’s block :|]

I have wanted to start blogging properly for a while now, and I’m really excited about this. Pootiee Prattles is not about one single thing or topic. It’s sort of a…well, a public diary where I’ll vent out and ramble on about my random thoughts, ideas, review books and movies and other things I get and love or hate and…I dunno, I’d just post anything that comes to my mind. Most of the times my head is filled with inane and inconsequential stuff, so I’d appreciate if you bear with me without being judgemental and hateful.

Um…so yeah, that’s it. 😐