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#QuickPost : Superstitious or just a little-stitious?

[Disclaimers : This post is completely based on personal opinion and experience and I don’t intend to offend those with different views and beliefs.]

We know that the Asian culture is believed to be the most superstitious of all cultures and it is not a baseless claim. The Indian and Chinese cultures, especially, are those in which superstitious beliefs are deeply ingrained.

Belonging to a religious family, it took me some time to realize and accept the fact that I’m an agnostic atheist. But once I did, I started to eliminate a lot of my previously held irrational beliefs which included some ridiculous superstitions. I’ve got rid of most of such superstitious ideas over the years but there still are a few that I have tried but haven’t been successful in shedding off..

#1 One or two Myna bird.

One such belief which although I know is extremely stupid, but I can’t seem to push away from my psyche is that of seeing Mynas. This bird is extremely common in India. When I was a kid, someone told me about this superstition according to which, if you see 1 myna, it means you’ll have a bad day. If you see 2, it’s a sign that you will have a good day. 3 indicates receiving a message that particular day and 4 means getting a present or toy. The 3 and 4 Myna thing I outgrew later (they never came true anyway) but the belief about 1 myna = bad day and 2 mynas = good day stuck with me. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to get rid of it. I want to, real bad. This idiotic superstition actually affect how I feel. I mean, if I have a test on a particular day and I see a lone myna on my way, I get sort of demoralized and think my test probably won’t be good and if I see two of those, I feel completely positive. It’s crazy, I mean, I know it’s irrational but at nineteen, I still hope to see two mynas on the roadside whenever I leave home.

#2 Spotting a yellow car.

Another weird superstition I believe in is that if you see a yellow car on the road and clap three times, you’ll have good day. Really stupid but it’s just that…I feel really happy every time I spot a yellow car because even though I know it’s illogical, it fills me with positivity about my day ahead.

#3 Fallen eyelash wish.

Okay, this a pretty well-known belief. If an eyelash falls on the cheek or on the bridge of the nose, one takes the said eyelash and makes a wish believing it will come true. I have done this for as long as I can remember and I don’t really remember a wish having come true this way. But even knowing this I still invariably make a wish everytime I or someone else finds a lash on my face.


I suppose these are the main superstitions I still hold and don’t even know why. Maybe it is because they are like a habit I can’t shed off or perhaps a small part of me thinks they contain some semblance of truth and affect my life. I’m not too worried, though, because these beliefs are not too overwhelming and don’t have any negative impact as such (except sometimes the one myna myth makes me sad).

If there are other such little superstitions you believe in even though you they are completely mindless, let me know. There is no reason to be ashamed of these as long they’re harmless and don’t interfere with the wellbeing of your mind and body or of those around you.


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