The First Pointless Post


Basically, I’m writing this to let you all know right from the start that even though this blog is sort of a personal diary for me (as mentioned in the About section), you won’t find too many emotional or meaningful posts here, the keyword being many. The reason is simple. I’m not a very philosophical or contemplative person who only writes about the more important and deep issues of life. I’m a casual writer and through this blog I would like to discuss those things which are ordinary, irrelevant to some but relatable to others and my day-to-day thoughts. I’m not really a poet or someone who writes stuff which have some profound meaning.

One might even think I am shallow, but I’m not sure that is true. Of course, there are times when something, someone or some incident strikes a cord with me and makes me feel these intense emotions and when something like that occurs, I would love to express my emotions through words. But that does not happen too frequently, so yes, it’s safe to say this is not going to be a serious blog.

And there you have from me a page of useless rambling about how uncool and simplistic this blog is going to be. However, if you do find me and my lameness even a little bit interesting, do follow and I’ll try and keep you entertained with more lame posts.



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